Enter the Dragon original release at Graumann’s Chinese in Los Angeles

Artist Aaron Kai emailed me these extremely rare photos from the original 1973 release of Bruce Lee’s martial arts epic Enter the Dragon. The images feature the original banners at Graumann’s Chinese Theater. When Aaron’s not collecting vintage martial arts memorabilia, he’s a highly skilled painter. See his work at myfantasyart.com/id/kaiart.

Cult cinema icon Billy Jack passes away

Tom Laughlin, who played hapkido master and former Green Beret ‘Billy Jack’ in the series of 1970’s cult films, has passed away. In the 2nd film, titled ‘Billy Jack’ (after the character 1st appeared in 1967’s ‘Born Losers’), Grandmaster Bong Soo Han doubled for Laughlin in many of the martial arts scenes, although Laughlin himself
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New Bloodsport and The Crow ‘reinventions’ coming to theaters soon

According to reports, Relativity Media is preparing to shoot a remake of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 1988 cult classic hit Bloodsport, with V for Vendetta director James McTeigue taking the helm. According to the report, Relativity will produce the new Bloodsport with Edward R. Pressman, Chris Brown, Alberto Lensi, Australia-based Pictures in Paradise and Trans-American Films
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40th Anniversary Enter the Dragon screening and kung fu movie poster exhibit coming to L.A. next week

The Academy will present a special 40th Anniversary screening of Bruce Lee’s cult classic martial arts epic Enter the Dragon, with special guest appearances including John Saxon and Bob Wall, Enter the Dragon producers Paul Heller & Fred Weintraub, cinematographer Gil Hubbs, screenwriter Michael Allin and Bruce’s daughter Shannon Lee. The screening will be presented
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#tonyjaa #rza #marresecrump Exclusive: Musician and filmmaker the RZA to appear in Tony Jaa’s upcoming 3D martial arts thrill ride The Protector 2

World-renowned martial artist Marrese Crump recently wrapped shooting The Protector 2 (aka Tom Yum Goong 2, Warrior King 2), where he collaborated with Tony Jaa. After nearly a year of workshops and training, The Protector 2 has been crafted with specially designed fight sequences that take advantage of the 3D effects and the extreme athleticism
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The groundbreaking and backbreaking Men of the Dragon

I was speaking to my friend Aaron Kai on the phone yesterday, and he reminded me about a little-known but groundbreaking 1974 television movie called Men of the Dragon. The film was shot in Hong Kong as a modern-day kung fu drama. The leading characters are three crimefighting martial arts experts. Americans Jan Kimbro (Jared
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