#cultflavor Three the Hard Way also celebrating major anniversary

New Bloodsport and The Crow ‘reinventions’ coming to theaters soon

#tonyjaa #rza #marresecrump Exclusive: Musician and filmmaker the RZA to appear in Tony Jaa’s upcoming 3D martial arts thrill ride The Protector 2

World-renowned martial artist Marrese Crump recently wrapped shooting The Protector 2 (aka Tom Yum Goong 2, Warrior King 2), where he collaborated with Tony Jaa. After nearly a year of workshops and training, The Protector 2 has been crafted with specially designed fight sequences that take advantage of the 3D effects and the extreme athleticism
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Joe Carnahan nods to Bruce Lee in this Daredevil reboot sizzle reel

Filmmaker Joe Carnahan, who until recently was attached to direct a Daredevil reboot movie, posted a sizzle reel he put together to describe his vision for the never-to-happen dark take on the Marvel character. In it, he gives a shout out to Bruce Lee, Taxi Driver, Superfly and 1970’s urban culture. Check it out, below.
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Bloody art work and action trailer for Chen Kaige epic Sacrifice

The story of Bruce Lee and I

Bruce Lee and I Also Known As: The Unicorn Palm, Fist of Unicorn, Qi lin zhang Director: Ti Tang Cast: Unicorn Chan, Wai-Man Chan, Ching Chen, Tina Chin-Fei, Alan Chui Chung San, Alexander Grand, Han Jae Ji, Wen Chung Ku, Yasuaki Kurata, Hoi Mang, Mars, Jackie Chan was an Extra, and Bruce Lee was an
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What U.S. films were released with Enter the Dragon?

I’ve been thinking about what films came out the same year as the groundbreaking Bruce Lee martial arts epic Enter the Dragon. So I researched and found that U.S. film studios were already beginning to experiment with their release schedules and genres, long before the iconic revenge epic hits American shores. Their were numerous projects
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