Support completion of the Blvd. Warriors documentary

Oh, the stories these theaters could tell! Back in the day, what went on inside urban movie theaters was sometimes more entertaining than the movies playing on screen! And yes, these theaters were all over the country. Yes, these stories will be told, in Blvd. Warriors. Been receiving a lot of well wishes and words
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Bookfest 3 coming to Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum’s Bookfest is a gathering of martial arts authors and icons. Inside of the walls of the Museum itself, tables are lined up with legendary martial arts pioneers, champions as well as new authors having book signings to introduce you to their work. At the last two Bookfest events, attendees included
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Enter the Dragon original release at Graumann’s Chinese in Los Angeles

Artist Aaron Kai emailed me these extremely rare photos from the original 1973 release of Bruce Lee’s martial arts epic Enter the Dragon. The images feature the original banners at Graumann’s Chinese Theater. When Aaron’s not collecting vintage martial arts memorabilia, he’s a highly skilled painter. See his work at

Cult cinema icon Billy Jack passes away

Tom Laughlin, who played hapkido master and former Green Beret ‘Billy Jack’ in the series of 1970’s cult films, has passed away. In the 2nd film, titled ‘Billy Jack’ (after the character 1st appeared in 1967’s ‘Born Losers’), Grandmaster Bong Soo Han doubled for Laughlin in many of the martial arts scenes, although Laughlin himself
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